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Types of Our Semitrailers

Frigo Semitrailers

We offer frigo semitrailers with temperature control
(in the range of -30°C to +30°C)
for the transport of any temperature-sensitive goods.

Our frigo semitrailers guarantee that your goods will be kept at an appropriate temperature throughout the transport. Semitrailers include palette baskets (palette exchange possible). It is obvious to us, to produce the record of the history of temperatures from the vehicle thermograph. Type: Frigo, temperature control (in the range of -30°C to +30°C) / Load: 22.5 t / Volume: 86.35 m3 / Dimensions: 1330 x 245 x 265 cm / Palette: 33 pcs / GPS monitoring: yes / FRC certification: yes

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Tent Semitrailers

We offer tent semitrailers which meet the highest
standard in the segment
of the security, safety of goods and quality.

Our tent semitrailers are equipped with a triangular folding canvas, Multilock System / tents with XL code. Goods can be loaded from three sides - from the top, side and rear. We can send your goods to all European countries.

Type: Tent Semitrailer / Load: 24.0 t / Volume: 92.75 m3 / Dimensions: 1360 x 248 x 275 cm / Palette: 34 pcs / GPS monitoring: yes / XL code: yes / Multilock system: yes

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